He’s killin it.
Follow him. He’s great.

He’s full of shit

>I’m not like other men
>come on other men, step your game up
>give women the concern, attention, and sensitivity they need

Hahaha what a fucking tryhard.

Holy shit, fuck this guy. Thank god for Big Black, Brainbombs & Anal Cunt.
I am at a loss to know how to live life
With this malaise that is crumpling my soul.
If at least I could be positively crazy!
But no: always this in-betweenness,
This almost,
This it might be that…
Fernando Pessoa, This Old Anguish (via stxxz)

William Shakespeare, Julius Caesar, act iii, scene i
William Shakespeare, Julius Caesar, act iii, scene i


times like these
morals and principals only exist in our minds
and our minds are too much for us.

In his fantasies, suicide was a solemn ceremony with sleeping pills and whiskey, a final act performed alone and of one’s own free will; in fact, every time he had ever imagined doing away with himself, it was the indispensable loneliness of it that scared him off.
Orhan Pamuk, Snow (via egoisme-a-deux)